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Honor Bluetooth Body Fat Scale BMI Scale Smart Electronic Scales LED Digital Bathroom Weight Scale Balance Body Composition Analyz

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Small & Exquisite
260 * 260 * 21.5mm, exquisite and small, easy to store; the scale surface adopts ring design, clear and simple implicit LED display.

Intelligent identification of home users, more convenient to use
Each body fat scale can support up to 50 users. According to the historical measurement data such as body weight and body fat, it can intelligently identify family users, and the measurement data can intelligently match the corresponding person.

Bluetooth connection, offline data storage
The Bluetooth of mobile phone is connected to the body fat scale for measurement, and the data can be viewed online in real time through the sports health app. The scale also supports offline measurement and can store up to 200 pieces of historical data.

Support devices
Honor smart fat scale 2, only supports Android 4.4 and above mobile phones and IOS 9.0 and above mobile phones
*The IOS mobile phone needs to download Huawei sports health app separately and update to or above

6 reasons for recommendation:
14 key indicators of human body
More data, more complete understanding

Benchmarking DEXA gold standard
The correlation between fat mass and DEXA was more than 0.92

Heart rate measurement
Focus on your heart health

Jointly developed by Hefei Institute of material science, Chinese Academy of Sciences
HUAWEI TruFit™ Human body composition detection algorithm

The minimum indexing is 0.1g
Accurate measurement

Intelligent identification of home users
Up to 50 users

14 key indicators of human body
It can help you to have a more comprehensive understanding of your physical condition, and help you to customize the targeted exercise and fitness plan.
Weight, BMI, Fat percentage, Heart rate, Visceral fat grade, Skeletal muscle content, Fat free weight, Basal metabolic rate, Moisture content, Protein, physical age, Body score, Body type, Bone salt content

Joint development of algorithm with Hefei Institute of material sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences
HUAWEI TruFit ™ The human body composition detection algorithm is based on the big data model of Hefei Institute of material sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, to improve the accuracy of the algorithm, and to test and verify the standard DEXA gold standard.