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AKKO 3068 SP Ocean Star 68 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry Switch Side Printed USB 2.0 Type-C Wired Gaming Keyboard

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Brand AKKO    
Model 3068 SP Ocean Star
Keys Amount 68 Keys + 9 Function Keys
Case ABS Blue Case
Switch Cherry Switch (Red Switch, Brown Switch)
Connection Wired
USB 2.0
USB Type-C
Keycap 85% PBT Keycaps
Characters of the process The lateral seal
Size 310 x 102 x 40mm
Weight 700g
System Support for Mac OS / Windows / Android

The function keys of "FN":

Fn + 1 = F1 Fn+ = = Fn12
2 F2 i Insert
3 F3 c Calculator
4 F4 m Volume On / Mute
5 F5 , Volume down
6 F6 . Volume up
7 F7 PgUP Home
8 F8 PgDn End
9 F9 Left Win lock Win
0 F10 Right Ctrl(3 seconds) Ctrl to Menu
- F11    


1. Ocean star allows you to hold the sea in your hands and feel the different blue of the sea.
2. 68 key standard design, more than four practical multi-function keys, classic durable narrow-edge design, equipped with multimedia shortcuts, WIN shielding function, support full-key no-rush, free drive Akko Macro V1.0 macro translation system programming.
3. 85% PBT material keycap, dry and not easy to slip.
4. Type-C interface, support Type-C equipment, two-stage tripod, three heights, carefully adjusted large-key satellite axis feel.

Package Included:

1 * AKKO 3068 SP Ocean Star 68 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
9 * Function Keys
1 * Dust Cover