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Hiwonder Tonybot Programming Humanoid Robot with 16 High Voltage Bus Servos 10 Action Groups

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Hiwonder Tonybot is a programmable humanoid robot. Its body is equipped with 16V bus servos and built-in more than 10 action groups, which can complete Walking, Dancing, Exercise and other actions.
Tonybot is equipped with a sensor expansion kit so that you can carry out the secondary development. The detailed tutorials and open source materials we provide can help you to better realize your great ideas!

New luminous ultrasonic sensor not only can measure distance, but it has built-in RGB light. High precision and tiny blind area.
11.1V  servo can reduce the current by more than 60%, which significantly improves the stamina of robots.        
2020 new version PC Software , easy and impressed.
Servo special plug in design to prevent from wrong direction.
Compatible with Hiwonder sensors.

Body size:Height 379* Width 187*Thickness 121 (mm)
Body weight:About 1.8kg
Body material:Aluminum alloy
Ultrasonic distance:2~400cm
Power Supply Battery: 11.1V 2000mAh 10C lithium battery
Working hours: Keep running about 80min-120min
DOF Head: 1DOF
Shoulder: 2DOF
Hand: 2 DOF each hand
Leg: 4 DOF each leg
Foot: 1 DOF each foot
Control System Hardware: Special controller for humanoid robot and  secondary development controller
PC software: Graphical PC software

Other Parameters:
Servo parameters: LX-824HV bus servo; metal gear; weight: about 57g;
Size: 39.82*20.09*51.10mm;
Torque: 17kg/cm 11.1V
Control way: PC software control/ Infrared remote control

Packing List of Tonybot Humanoid Robot Standard Version:
1* Tonybot humanoid robot (assembled)
1* 11.1V lithium battery charger 
1* Nano data cable
1* Infrared remote control
1* USB cable
1* Screwdriver
1* Accessory kit