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Moreslan Mini USB 3.0 64GB USB Flash Drive Memory U Disk Pendrive Plastic Retractable Portable Thumb Drive for Gifts

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  1. Brand: Moreslan
  2. Model: CS10202
  3. Name: plastic expansion USB Flash Drive
  4. Package weight: 7.2g
  5. Material: plastic
  6. Read and write speed: 80mb / S
  7. Package size: 53.5 * 20.4 * 8.7mm
  8. Working temperature: 0 ℃ - 60℃
  9. Storage temperature: - 25℃-85 ℃
  10. Applicable type: windows78 / 10 vista


1.  64GB USB flash drive is enough to store your daily photos, videos and other files.

2.  Plastic telescopic unique design, more convenient to use.

3.  USB 3.0 super high speed can save a lot of time when transferring, sharing or storing files.

4.  Compatible with computer, smart TV, PA system, tablet computer, etc. Digital device with USB port.

Package Includes:

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USB Flash Drive