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Homebrew CO2 Cylinder Refill Adapter Connector Gas Regulator DIN 477 / W21.8-14

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Material: Copper
Color: Silver
Inner Thread: 21*4
Outer Thread: W21.8
a.Integrated pressure gauge for safety.
b. Use your existing CO2 regulator without any modification.
c. Adjustable valve pin ensures compatibility with any cylinder valve variation.
d.Advanced adapter design means no more leaks while attaching the adapter to the cylinder.
e. The male/output thread on the adapter is made to DIN477 / JIS m22-14 / W21.8-14 / .860"x1/14 (covers UK, Europe and Asia) specifications, which will fit industry standard regulators.
1. Attach your regulator to the adapter using an appropriate wrench or spanner.
2. Holding the cylinder firmly with one hand, tighten the adapter/regulator to the cylinder using a wrench or spanner.
3. The pin inside the adapter will depress the valve on the cylinder to open the flow of gas.
4. Continue to tighten the adapter to the cylinder until the cylinder slips in your hand.
Package included:
1 Pcs CO2 Cylinder Refill Adapter